Collagen Gel

Collagen Gel

Collagen Gel is our proprietary native collagen blend and the foundation of our business. It is comprised of 100% Type I Bovine Collagen.


It is an excellent starter material for medical devices and biomedical research. Our delicate manufacturing process allows for the highest percentage of intact native collagen fibers when compared to the competition.

  • Excellent biocompatibility and biodegradable
  • Customizable based on application
  • Uniform fibers due to unique(proprietary) homogenization process
  • Validated through research institutes and (510k trials)
  • Unrivaled supply chain
  • Manufactured in the USA

Viscofan’s Native Collagen Gel is produced using only the finest materials. The raw materials used for our Collagen Gel derive from only herds with negligible risk for BSE and are inspected by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).  Our collagen is sourced exclusively from the croupon portion of the bovine, resulting in a pure and consistent product.


Viscofan’s Collagen Gel can be used in a variety of applications including but not limited to:

  • 3D scaffolds
  • Medical device coatings
  • Wound care products
  • Drug delivery
  • Tissue engineering

View the Scientific Endorsement Report on our Downloads Page.