Non Edible Collagen Casings

N0n-Edible Collagen Casings

Nitta’s Non-edible collagen casings are perfect for dried, semi-dried and cooked sausages. Available for sausages with either a straight or curved shape, these casings are designed to provide a natural appearance with a prime presentation for all types of sausage. Non-edible casings provide efficient and effective processing delivering significant cost advantages.

  • Excellent smoke absorption and attractive color development
  • Retains the fine flavor of the sausage
  • Permeability allows product to breath enhancing aroma of the sausage
  • Consistent calibers and superior elasticity & strength for maximum yields
  • Durable during filling and clipping on all machines
  • Available in various calibers. Straight casings 22-120mm, Curved 20-52mm

Small, medium and large diameter sausages, and other processed meat products such as Salami and Ring Bologna.