Meat Snack Casings

Mahogany & Clear

Excellent diameter control & strength for high-speed reeling and linking. Colorfast and superior shelf life. Faster processing and cycle times. Developed for both consumers and manufacturers in mind.

  • Excellent texture and firmness
  • Good snap or “knack”
  • Red Mahogany® pigment is “locked-in” for colorfast products & protection from fading.
  • Also available in clear.
  • Ease of use.
  • Significant financial advantage vs. sheep gut
  • Accurate diameter and size control
  • Fast, consistent processing with strength
  • Consistent drying and length control
  • Good thermal processing
  • Retains juices and flavors
  • Uniform filling & superior shelf appearance
  • Exceptional dried, smoke-house (fermentation process) and water cooking performance
  • Strong end closures
  • Assured product safety

Viscofan, the world’s leader in snack casing technology, brings the meat snack manufacturer superior processing benefits as well as consumer advantages. All of our snack casings are strong and porous for faster processing. Strength = high-speed reeling. Linking and greater porosity (smoke permeability) = faster moisture loss and cycle times. Both equal significant savings. Developed with both consumers and manufactures in mind, Viscofan’s Nitta casings are engineered to deliver exceptional “bite” characteristics while maximizing efficiency and productivity for sausage producers.

  • Meat Snacks
  • Pepperoni
  • Salami
  • Lap Cheong
  • Cabanosi
  • Landjäger
  • Dried & Semi-Dried
  • Smoke-house Snacks