Flavored Casings

New Flavored Casings

With Viscofan’s Flavored Nitta Casings, you can simply use the same meat & emulsion to produce different flavored sausages without the changeover process. This means reduced downtime, increased efficiency and cost savings. Plus, our taste testers agree that both aroma and taste are better with flavored casings!

  • Strength for the rigors of grilling & deep fat frying
  • Engineered to withstand high speed filling equipment
  • Accurate diameter and size control
  • Ease of use
  • Tender bite
  • Retains juices and flavors
  • Superior shelf appearance
  • Strong end closures
  • Assured product safety

Viscofan’s Flavored Nitta Casings sustain the same great stuffing and cooking performance as our regular casings.

Available from

13mm to 23mm for snack stick application; from 17mm to 32mm for processed (hotdogs, bratwurst) and fresh application (breakfast, dinner sausages, etc.)

Available Flavors




More flavors to come…