Co-Extrusion Gel

Co-Extrusion Gel

Co-extrusion is a completely automated process for producing sausage with a casing formed by a collagen gel. A uniform thin layer of gel is applied to the outside of the sausage just as it is being formed. As it passes this salt bath, this layer acquires the necessary firmness and strength for further processing. When compared to conventional methods, cost savings are significant, and food safety aspects are unique.

  • Completely automated high capacity production
  • Cost savings (mainly labor and casing costs)
  • Attractive product characteristics/made without a twist.
  • Co-extruded sausages keep their shape during drying and smoking as well as grilling or frying and even microwaved.
  • No peeling or bubbling, very consistent quality.
  • High level of food safety requirements

Nitta’s collagen gel contains Natural Preservative and the shelf life of our co-extrusion gel is up to 6 months.

We produce custom-made co-extrusion gel for various applications, meat emulsions, and level of meat coverage.


Various applications

Meat emulsions