Clear Choice®

New Clear Choice®

A casing so versatile, it can be conveniently used for both fresh and processed applications – It’s the only casing you need in your inventory!


Viscofan’s Clear Choice casing delivers a premium product designed with the unique ability to closely mimic the desired qualities of natural casings – without the mess, fuss and cost.


It has been expertly crafted for use on a wide variety of high speed filling machines. With added strength, provides great results for water, steam & smoke cooking, frying & grilling, and with excellent consistency it works conveniently for stuffing both fresh and processed applications.


Developed with both consumers and manufacturers in mind, Clear Choice is engineered to deliver exceptional “bite” characteristics, while maximizing efficiency and productivity for sausage producers with its versatility.

  • Excellent texture and firmness
  • Exceptionally clear for superior meat stock definition
  • Good snap and tender bite
  • Ease of use
  • Accurate diameter and size control
  • Fast, consistent processing with strength
  • Consistent drying and length control
  • Good thermal processing
  • Uniform filling and superior shelf appearance
  • Exceptional dried & smoke-house performance
  • Exceptional water cooking performance
  • Exceptional frying & grilling performance
  • Strong end closures

Viscofan’s Nitta Casings Clear Choice® casing is the most versatile casing in the industry. It’s the only casing sausage producers need to inventory with its ability to be used in both fresh or processed applications.


With a casing this clear, your meat stock has superior definition, making it a preferred choice for consumers.


For both Processed and Fresh Applications