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Technical Data Sheets

Edible Collagen Casings

Fresh and Processed: “B” Series

Fresh and Processed: “D” Series

Snack Stick: “A” Series

Snack Stick: “G” Series

Co-Extrusion Gel

Co-Extrusion Gel GE1509

Co-Extrusion Gel GE1513

Alginate Co-Extrusion Gel GA1501


Kosher Certificates

Certification of Glatt Hides

Kosher Certification 2020

Halal Certificate

Halal Certification 2020-2021

Quality & Food Safety Management Certificates

FSSC 22000

Nitta ISO 22000

Nitta ISO 9001

Food Safety System Certification 22000 Canada



Scientific Endorsement of Collagen Gel

Product Brochures

Meat Industry Products

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Colored Co-Extrusion Gel

Flavored Casings

Clear Choice Casings


Collagen Gel Brochure