Introducing The New Clear Choice®

Nitta Casings Inc. is proud to announce a new offering in our line of collagen casings. Introducing the New Clear Choice®, made to exceed expectations. Clear Choice® is a clear edible collagen casing that has been designed with the unique ability to mimic the desired qualities of a natural gut casing – without the mess, fuss and cost.

Nitta Casings’ goal is to produce products that reduce waste, minimize inventory and drive overall costs down. Clear Choice® will help sausage manufacturers to maximize and improve productivity and optimize critical speed and performance. All this in a collagen casing that is more hygienic than gut casings and free from health risks with raw materials that are easily traced to source.

Clear Choice® has been expertly crafted to deliver added strength resulting in superior water, steam and smoke cooking. As with Nitta’s entire line of casings, there is excellent consistency across many stuffing and processing applications.

Nitta Casings is committed to improving customer productivity through advanced casing technology and innovative products specifically designed for the meat industry.

Learn more about the New Clear Choice collagen casing and its many features, benefits and applications by clicking here.