Celebrating 100 Years of Excellence

Unlocking the Potential of Gelatin & Collagen for Over a Century

As a part of the Nitta group of companies, Nitta Casings is proud to celebrate Nitta Gelatin’s centennial anniversary as a global leader in quality gelatin and collagen production.

In 2018, Nitta Gelatin Inc. celebrated 100 years as a trusted producer of gelatin and collagen products. By continually developing new ways to make the most of nature’s gifts, Nitta Gelatin has consistently played the role of industry leader as a supplier of high quality gelatin and collagen peptides since its inception a century ago. In keeping with our pioneering spirit, Nitta Gelatin continually strives to develop new products, functions and applications for the future. In 2016, Nitta Gelatin welcomed Chicago’s Vyse Gelatin into the family, further increasing our product offerings and capabilities. Customer satisfaction is paramount; as is our commitment to exacting quality control, exceptional products, unique processes and environmental responsibility. No matter what your specifications or requirements, you can be confident that Nitta Gelatin and will provide unsurpassed quality and technical service customized to your unique application.

To learn more about Nitta Casings’ parent company, Nitta Gelatin Inc., please visit nitta-gelatin.co.jp (Japanese), nitta-gelatin.co.jp/en/ (English), or nitta-gelatin.com (North American business).