Sausage Linking Equipment

Nitta is dedicated to increasing your productivity by combining collagen sausage casing technology with the linking technology of the Z-Linker.

The Z-Linker, developed by our forerunner, has become the preferred fresh sausage linker because of its high efficiency, versatility, and low maintenance.  Some benefits include:

  • efficient cutting action is less demanding on casing
  • alternating link lengths is easily accomplished with a simple cam change
  • no adjustments are needed to change diameters
  • requires little maintenance and repair

For your convenience, Nitta also carries stock of both machine parts and horns (aka “stuffing tubes”) for use with the Z-Linker.

Z-Linker Model III Z-Linker Model III Equipment Parts
Equipment Horns (aka “Stuffing Tubes”)

We’re Here To Help!

Only Nitta brings the Z-Linker to you with almost 30 years of hands-on experience.  Our equipment experts would like to help you by recommending the best product combinations to meet your process needs.  For more details, contact your Nitta Sales Representative.  After all, the only thing you have to lose is rework.