Business practices and procedures at Nitta are continually being reassessed and refined. The goal is to provide premium products while conducting business in an environmentally sensitive manner. Listed below are some of the ongoing efforts being made by Nitta in that direction:

  • Replacement of old lighting with energy efficient fluorescent tubes and ballasts.
  • Installation of motion activated sensors turn off lights in unused offices and rooms.
  • Replacing obsolete plant equipment with more energy efficient equipment.
  • Switching over to more laptops and notebook computers as they use 50% less electricity than desktops.
  • Company memos and inter-office communications are sent mostly by email in lieu of paper whenever possible.
  • Recycling program includes plastic, paper, cans, glass, cardboard, empty printer and toner cartridges, computers, printers, electronic equipment and cell phones. Many oils, cleaners, degreasers, and chemicals are also recycled.
  • Utilization of recycled pallets and cardboard shippers.
  • We ship our products in recyclable materials
  • Investment in videoconferencing and other technological solutions to help reduce the amount of employee travel.
  • Implementing flex time and trade shifts to four long days instead of five short ones. These shift changes have resulted in 20% fewer travel days.

The above are just some of the efforts Nitta is taking to adhere to the Corporate Environmental Policy set forth by our parent company, Nitta Gelatin Inc.