Our People

Nitta Casings is not a faceless corporation, but a tight knit group of people who take immense pride in what they do. Nitta has over 200 people working diligently in our plants, corporate headquarters, and in the field. Since its founding in 1962, the Company has a long history of hiring and retaining some of the best and brightest people in the industry. Many Nitta employees have over 30 years of tenure with the Company. Collectively, our North American sales team has over 300 years of industry experience.

With industry experts like this on your side, customer-centric solutions and ideas are a natural result. We are a global company, acting locally on your behalf. Our sales and technical staff know your business and how to get the most from your manufacturing processes. The Nitta team works full-time to develop innovative collagen solutions and customize our products to meet your needs. They function as trusted members of your team with a personal stake in providing positive outcomes. As long term members of the industry, they speak the lexicon of the collagen industry, helping you navigate the many challenges of the ever changing business landscape.

Our people provide support from start to finish:

  • Learning your business and understanding your organizational capabilities
  • Discovering opportunities to improve processes and enhance productivity
  • Prescribing treatment and process solutions
  • Troubleshooting
  • Performing diagnostic tests
  • Customizing products to fit your unique needs
  • Enhancing regulatory compliance
  • Improving throughput and efficiency
  • Providing excellent service and follow up
  • Serving as your personal collagen expert and business consultant

We understand that customers are looking for more from their suppliers than a varied range of quality products with consistent performance. Support and service are of paramount importance. According to the results from surveys of our customers, our service is unequaled in the industry.

Because we are the industry’s collagen specialist, we see our role extending far beyond that of a mere supplier. With roughly 50 years of industry involvement, we also serve as an information resource — bringing to customers ideas about nutrition, promotion, packaging and a whole host of other topics gained from our knowledge of markets around the world. Our field sales representatives are our link to you. They can focus on pooling our resources to meet your needs. We invite you to challenge our sales force and customer service staffs to show you that Nitta supplies more than just collagen.

So when there are thousands, if not millions of dollars at stake, wouldn’t you want an experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate sales professional working on your account? Contact us today and find out what Nitta Pride is all about.

We’re Here To Help!

Please contact a Nitta Casings Sales Representative so we can discuss a custom solution to help your business succeed.