The genesis for Nitta Casings occurred during the 1950’s in the research labs of Johnson & Johnson while trying to meet the demand for a new form of surgical suture. Research for new suture applications unexpectedly led to the development and production of an edible collagen casing. The seeds of a new company were born.

Nitta Casings Building Bridgewater NJ

Nitta Casings in Bridgewater NJ

This new business was originally formed as a part of Johnson & Johnson in 1962. While the healthcare business industry spurred its development, a new subsidiary soon refined the technology for the meat processing industry. The meat processing industry’s high speed sausage filling equipment required a casing that provided consistency and performance. The forerunner to Nitta met the challenge head on, enabling sausage and beef snack manufacturers to produce their products faster and more profitably, thus catapulting the company into a leadership position in the emerging edible collagen casings industry.

In 1996, we joined the Nitta family of companies. Nitta Casings was formed as an independent subsidiary of its parent company, Nitta Gelatin Inc., one of the world’s largest gelatin manufacturers. With the strong financial resource of Nitta Gelatin, Nitta Casings has emerged as the “grandfather of edible collagen casings” with a renewed commitment to linking leading edge technology with an experienced, knowledgeable work force.

With Nitta Gelatin’s backing, Nitta Casings has committed to move forward with its experience in its core technology of collagen and expand to other areas such as the Bio-medical, Cosmeceutical, and Nutraceutical industries. Nitta has expanded its product offerings to include customized collagen gels for non-casing applications. This is being done while ensuring that product development remains focused on meeting and exceeding customer’s needs.