Processed Sausage Casings

Nitta Processed Casings

Nitta Processed Casings

These casings are used primarily to manufacture ethnic type products that are run on high-speed fillers and linkers, and undergo a secondary processing stage. The added processing strength ensures reliable machining for most applications while limiting shrinkage and weight loss. They are designed with extra strength for secondary processing but still allow you to produce a premium product on a wide variety of filling machines.

If you are using sheep or cellulose casings, Nitta Casings invites you to take a look at our processed casings; they are easy to run and give consistent results. Processors using our casings on high-speed equipment benefit from consistent drying and length control to meet the needs of net-weight packaging. On secondary processing, the added strength results in good water, steam and smoke cooking with less shrinkage. Processing is fast, consistent and provides the finished characteristics you need.

Nitta’s Processed Sausage Casings are used to make Frankfurters/Hotdogs, Knockwurst, Bratwurst, Ethnic Sausage, Chorizo, Cabanossi and Landjaeger.

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