Edible Collagen Sausage Casings


For sausage applications which range from fresh retail through foodservice to individually quick frozen sausages, Nitta has casings which will suit your needs.

  • When shelf-life, clarity and cooking are the keys to a successful product, Nitta has its clear and tinted (Bloom®) casings.
  • For foodservice applications which need fresh or frozen links to stand up to the rigors of Deep Fat Frying, Nitta has the Superfry Plus® range.
  • Whether foodservice or retail, Nitta can supply casing with extra slug rigidity and special end closure to be able to perform efficiently on both twist linkers and all types of modern automatic loading and stuffing machines.
  • Nitta proudly distributes the Z-Linker, parts, and horns for Fresh Sausage production.


Nitta Casings is one of the world’s leading suppliers of casings for the manufacture of dry and semi-dry sausage products. These types of casings:

  • come in a wide range of sizes in both clear and mahogany color
  • are designed with extra strength to cope firstly with the stuffing of colder, coarse ground emulsions, then the running of high speed reeling and linking machines, and lastly the secondary processing stages of dry and semi-dry manufacturing
  • provide faster moisture loss and shorter cycle times due to their greater porosity
  • can be made with closed ends for running on automatic machines.


Processors using Nitta’s casings in this segment benefit from:

  • Nitta’s excellent caliber control and machining
  • accurate weight control.
  • no “peel back” and reduced shrinkage in the cooking stages help maintain a good product appearance
  • the excellent renowned Nitta “KNACK” or bite
  • designed features enabling the casings to be run on all forms of automatic machinery.

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