Kosher Collagen Casings – See Nitta Casings for our Sausage Casing offerings

Nitta Casings manufactures Kosher certified Sausage Casings.  Please stop by our booth, NP10 at Kosherfest, to learn more about our Edible Collagen Sausage Casings.  [Nitta’s casings offer an attractive, cost effective, alternative to natural (gut) casing.]

Since 1962, Nitta Casings has been a pioneer in research, production and sales of innovative, value-added, collagen based products.

Nitta takes pride in serving the Food, Cosmeceutical, Nutraceutical, and Bio-Medical Industries worldwide with collagen products that include sausage casings, gels, pastes & doughs, slurries and tubes.

Nitta Casings, with locations in the USA, Canada, and China is owned by Japanese based Nitta Gelatin Inc.