Nitta Casings Inc. introduces new product line, Clear Choice™ at IFFA in Frankfurt, Germany

Bridgewater, NJ, USA – May 4, 2013 – Nitta’s expertise in collagen has resulted in a new line of processed sausage casings.  Introducing Clear Choice™, a clear edible collagen casing designed with the unique ability to closely mimic the desired qualities of natural gut casing – without the mess, fuss and cost. 

The IFFA show was chosen as the location to launch the new product line due to its international appeal and worldwide draw of manufacturers and users of natural “gut” casing.  A leading spokesman for Nitta Casings explains that Clear Choice™ offers a much needed, safe and cost effective alternative to the industry.  In addition to other characteristics, manufacturers find that the consistent strand length, size control and supply of this premium casing add up to an “operationally – friendly” product.  

Clear Choice™, developed with both consumers and manufacturers in mind, is engineered to deliver exceptional “bite” characteristics while maximizing efficiency and productivity of sausage producers.  It is a premium product for use on high speed filling machines and expertly crafted to deliver added strength resulting in superior water, steam and smoke cooking.  

Since 1962, Nitta Casings Inc. has been a pioneer in research, production and sales of innovative, value-added, collagen based products.  The launch of this new product line is intended to provide manufacturers utilizing natural gut casing with a Clear Choice™ possessing excellent consistency across many stuffing and processing applications.

Nitta serves the Food, Cosmeceutical, Nutraceutical, and Bio-Medical Industries worldwide with collagen products that include casings, gels, pastes & doughs, slurries and tubes.  More information regarding Clear Choice™ is available at